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2016 Photographic competition winners

Theme: Rocks, Rust, Stars and Dust

Category: Productive

First Place: Simon Seppelt (Jamestown)

Title: Ewe Been Here Long

Second Place: Jane Smith (Broken Hill)

Title:  Daylight Start

Highly Commended: Emma Crameri (Taminick)

Title: The Team after the Muster

Category: Natural

Winner: Anika Molesworth (Broken Hill)

Title: Galahs at water

Second Place:  Sophie Angell (Broken Hill)

Title: All the Colours of the Rainbow

Highly Commended: Simon Seppelt (Jamestown)

Title: H20 Highway

Category: Resilient

Winner: Jordan Spencer (Broken Hill)

Title: Fish ladder at Brewarrina Weir

Second Place: Simon Seppelt (Jamestown)

Title: We're down but not out

Highly Commended: Emma Crameri (Taminick)

Title: Tough Decisions

Category: Sustainable

Winner: Lauren Sallustio (Dubbo)

Title: Precious

Second Place: Corey Stenhouse (Broken Hill)

Title: Golden Rain

Highly Commended: Hugh Pringle (Alice Springs)

Title: Rehydrating Rangelands on Kayrunnera

Category: Rocks, Rust, Stars and Dust

Winner:  Katelynn Herring

Title: Bare Limbs

Second Place:  Amanda Schenk

Title:  No Dust Today

Highly Commended: Amanda Schenk

Title: Rusty Barb

Category: Primary student

Winner: Adelaide Turnbull (Brewarrina)

Title: Bush Flowers

Second Place: Alma Public School (Broken Hill)

Title: Bronze winged pidgeon

Highly Commended: Kilani Blair (Broken Hill)

Title: Our garden

Category: Secondary student

Winner: Demi Crampton

Title: Lights Out

Second Place: Demi Crampton

Title: White Rock

Highly Commended: Tatum Craker

Title:  Changing faces of the land

Category: People's Choice

Winner: Emma Crameri (Taminick)

Title: Cobar Sunsets & Working Dogs