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2013 Photo competition winners

2013 Life and Light in the Western Catchment Photographic Competition

Theme:  The Beauty of the Bush


Open colour

Open digital manipulation

Open black and white

Secondary student

Primary student

Staff and relatives - there is no prize-money for this category

Category:  Open Colour

Winner:  Steve Sass

Title:  Ready for the Girls - a male tawny crevice

a male Tawny Crevice 

Runner up:  Volker Scholz

Title:  Roosting time - Pinaroo Lake

Birds roosting on trees near lake.

Highly commended:  Judith Treganowan

Title:  Menindee magic

Sunset silhouette 

Highly commended:  Wayne Pearce

Title:  Roo at sunrise

Silhouette of kangaroo

Highly commended:  Emma Boede

Title:  It starts out small

seedling in red earth 

Highly commended:  Rachel McClure

Title:  Dust at Dawn

Open digital 

Winner:  Lisa Weber

Title:  De Soto

Rusty De Soto truck in the paddock 

Runner up:  Volker Scholz

Title:  The Approaching Storm

Approaching storm 

Open black and white

Winner:  Mardi Remond

Title:  Tracks in the Sand

Animal tracks on soil 

Runner up:  Judith Treganowan

Title:  Last Light of Day

Sunset on waterway 

Highly commended:  Laura Gurney

Title: Water Play

Girl's feet on water's edge 

Secondary Student

Winner:  Ali Bragg

Title:  In Flight

Birds in flight 

Runner up:  Ali Bragg

Title:  After a Hard Day

Dog resting 

Highly Commended:  Ali Bragg

Title:  A Simple Thing - A Hard Life

Macro image of insect on plant 

Primary student

Winnner:  Hannah Kelly

Title:  Memories

Historical detail 

Runner up:  Emma Adams

Title:  Winter Blues

Semi-arid landscape 

Highly Commended:  Ben Adams

Title:  Paddock of Pelicans

Pelicans in paddock 

Staff and Relatives

Winner:  Rob Grant

Title:  Natures Origami

Detail of yellow flowers 

Runner up:  Rob Grant

Title:  Sunset drive

Sunset with car 

Highly commended:  Rob Grant

Title:  Looking at Plants

Man viewing plants in a paddock