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Learning takes flight as kids teach community about the Regent Parrot

Students in Year 5 and 6 at the Euston Public School have launched their very own book and short film on the Regent Parrot with today’s official launch providing an opportunity for the school and community to celebrate the work of students and all they have learned.

The students researched the regent parrot including its preferred habitat, feeding and breeding sites as background to their publications.

Land Services Officer, Karin Sluiter was impressed with the quality of what the students had developed as well as the interest they showed in the project.

“From early on the students showed a real interest in the Regent Parrot and that came through in the book and short film that was launched today,” Ms Sluiter said.

“It’s been great to be involved with such an enthusiastic group and hopefully these kids can help to inform the local community of the importance of the regent parrot.”

The school also undertook a program of planting more habitat trees on the school grounds and around town.

Local ecologist with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Michael Todd, has also been impressed with the dedication to the project.

“These local children are championing the importance of mallee scrub as feeding grounds for the regent parrot. With their knowledge and support we will have a greater chance of protecting and increasing this important habitat,” Mr Todd said.

The regent parrot is listed as endangered under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Euston is the only town in NSW to have a breeding colony. While they do breed elsewhere in NSW outside built up areas, the town can make a big difference to the breeding success of the birds.

The materials, which were developed by the students under the guidance of the Petaurus Education Group, are below:

For further information about these resources or the regent parrot, contact Ms Sluiter on (03) 5021 9459 or email.

The Regent Parrot Project is part of the NSW Government’s Saving Our Species program.

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.