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Big win for landholders involved in rangeland rehabilitation programs following recent rain

Landholders in the White Cliffs area that have participated in Western Local Land Services’ rangeland rehabilitation programs have seen some incredible images of water spreading across their parched paddocks following decent rain at the end of April.

With many areas in the Western region not recording any rainfall of note for around two years, landholders that had carried out erosion control works on their property were yet to see how the landscape would benefit from the changes.      

Any questions the landholders had were certainly answered at the end of April, with a particular case study giving an insight into just how beneficial the works can be in both the short and long term.

On a particular property that recorded 21 mm of rain, water that would have previously flowed down a gully was calmed and spread over the adjacent floodplain of 300 hectares which would have previously required 200 mm of rain to activate.

In addition to this, the erosion gully can now start to rehabilitate.

Western Local Land Services Rangeland Rehabilitation Officer, Paul Theakston was on property in the White Cliffs area during and following the rain event and got to see first-hand the impacts the improvements were having.

“It was amazing to watch the water spreading over the paddocks and seeing how well it was effectively re-hydrating the landscape,” Mr Theakston said.

“Knowing that the water will be seeping in and regenerating the landscape is very pleasing as previously it would have caused a lot of damage through erosion.

“The landholders are already seeing the benefits to their properties and I’m sure there will be plenty of long term benefits in store for them as well.”

Landholders looking for more information regarding rangelands rehabilitation should contact Mr Theakston on 0428 259 231.

The programs coordinated by Western Local Land Services undertook the Ecosystem Management of Understanding (EMU) approach and were supported by funding through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Project and Catchment Action NSW.  

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.