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NSW livestock ‘census’ to protect our stock and markets

The NSW annual land and stock return mailout is underway to help Local Land Services protect against biosecurity risks, respond to emergencies and maintain market access.

Over 130,000 NSW land managers will complete a return to help the organisation understand how land is used and where livestock are held.

This process is essential for emergency response and for livestock markets to remain confident in the state’s ‘clean and green’ reputation.

Local Land Services acting statewide Chair, Susan Madden is encouraging land managers to send back their information by 31 August 2018.

“Annual land and stock return information, combined with our stock identification and traceability systems, are invaluable in emergencies or disease outbreaks,” Ms Madden said.

“Knowing where livestock are means our staff can respond quickly to these events and help farmers get back to business faster.”

Local Land Services is a response agency for animals and agriculture under the NSW emergency management framework.

The returns are essentially a census for livestock on 30 June each year and include all stock six months of age or older, regardless of whether they belong to the landholder, are agisted or on the property for any other reason.

Pigs of any age should be counted, as well as flocks of 100 or more poultry.

Landholders can mail back their completed form or complete online.

Media contact: Rod Campbell, Local Land Services, 0428 058 549.