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Learnings from Japan to be used to assist landholders back in the Western region

Western Local Land Services District Veterinarian Felicity Wills will look to utilise the skills and experience she gained from attending the 30th World Buiatrics Congress in Sapporo, Japan, to assist producers in the Western region increase their productivity.  

The Congress, which is a meeting of cattle veterinarians from around the world, has many streams and covers a wide range of topics relating to cattle health, welfare and management.

Dr Wills, who also presented on a new and more accurate technique for diagnosing internal parasites (worms) in cattle, found the Congress to be very beneficial as it allowed her to get the latest information about new approaches toward health, welfare and management, while also networking with specialists in their respective fields.

“I attended a lot of the sessions on epidemiology which were based on new tools and approaches for problem solving at the herd, regional, national and international level,” Dr Wills said.

“There were some fantastic examples given based on the experiences of other countries into diseases such a foot and mouth disease and Pesti-virus (Bovine viral diarrhoea virus).

“The big take home that I got from attending a lot of these sessions was the importance of strategic programs for disease management at the herd and local level, with a high level of producer engagement as being the best way of starting to manage or control endemic diseases in an area.

“The exampled used was foot and mouth disease, however I feel that these same principles could be utilised in the Western Division to tackle some endemic diseases that cause a problem for producers out here such as Ovine Brucellosis.”

Landholders in the Western region that are looking for animal health advice should contact Dr Wills or District Veterinarian Charlotte Cavanagh on:

  • Dr Felicity Wills, Broken Hill, 0409 858 901
  • Dr Charlotte Cavanagh, Bourke, 0429 773 021.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.