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Landholders are being reminded to be mindful of zoonotic diseases

Landholders in the Western region are being warned to be vigilant for Leptospirosis (also known as a zoonotic disease) after nine pigs were found to be positive for Leptospirosis Pomona following routine blood testing.

After 10 feral pigs were captured in the Western region toward the end of last year, routine blood testing was carried out which revealed nine of the pigs were positive for Leptospirosis Pomona.

Leptospirosis Pomona can be spread between pigs and humans through contact with birthing fluids and urine, particularly on areas of skin with cuts and abrasions.

Spreading can also occur by contact with water or soil infected with animal urine.

In humans, infection can cause severe symptoms including flu like symptoms, chronic fatigue, joint pain and kidney failure while in pigs it can cause abortions, stillbirths and weak piglets.

Western Local Land Services District Veterinarian, Felicity Wills encouraged landholders to always use caution when handling feral pigs, other pest animals and livestock.

“The fact nine out of 10 pigs were found to be positive for Leptospirosis Pomona should serve as a warning for all landholders,” Dr Wills said.

“It is something that can be very serious for anyone affected so caution should always be taken when around and handling pest animals or your own livestock.

“One control can be wearing gloves when in contact with body fluids and ensuring those fluids don’t come into contact with any other parts of your body.”

Landholders with any animal health questions regarding zoonotic diseases should contact a Western Local Land Services District Veterinarian:

  • Charlotte Cavanagh, Bourke, 0429 773 021
  • Hannah Williams, Balranald, 0439 830 280
  • Felicity Wills, Broken Hill, 0409 858 901.

More information on Leptospirosis and other important zoonotic diseases landholders should be aware of is available on the NSW Department of Primary Industries website.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.