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Autumn baiting program confirmed following meeting with pest animal control groups

Western Local Land Services have confirmed the details of its autumn wild dog aerial and ground baiting program following a recent one-day meeting with stakeholders in Cobar.

Western Local Land Services Biosecurity Officers, who will carry out the baiting program, met with representatives of pest animal control groups and Landcare groups from around the Western region, while NSW Farmers Wild Dog Coordinator, Bruce Duncan and Australian Wool Innovation’s On-farm Property Manager, Ian Evans were also present.

The meeting was an opportunity for Western Local Land Services to inform those in attendance of its plan for the upcoming baiting program, while also giving stakeholders the chance to respond and raise potential opportunities or risks.

The main points of interest that were discussed and confirmed at the meeting were:

  • the program will include both ground and aerial baiting
  • dehydrated meat baits will be used for aerial and fresh meat baits for ground
  • stakeholders agreed for the use of dehydrated baits and not manufactured for aerial
  • Western Local Land Services will still provide the $0.50/bait subsidy
  • pest control coordinators confirmed the dates for ground baiting.

Western Local Land Services Biosecurity Team Leader, Tim Wall was pleased with how the day ran and with the interest shown by all the groups.

“Managing wild dogs continues to be a major issue in the Western region, as it is in other parts of the state,” Mr Wall said.

“To have the involvement and input of each group increases our ability to manage this issue through a highly coordinated, large scale approach which is the best approach.

“We look forward to commencing our program in April.”

For more information regarding the upcoming autumn baiting program or the management of pest animals, landholders should contact their Western Local Land Services Biosecurity Officer or Mr Wall on 0428 915 070.

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.