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Achieve best possible outcomes in managing pest animals through a coordinated approach

Barrier Area Rangecare Group (BARG) President, Luke O’Connor has encouraged all landholders not currently in a pest animal control group or Landcare group to join their nearest one, citing a number of benefits for members not just related to pest animal control.

Mr O’Connor, who runs Flood Creek Station, a 100,000 acre property near Broken Hill with his wife Sonja, has been involved with the BARG for over 10 years and believes it is an invaluable part of his operation.

“We’ve got a really good community group which helps us control our pest animals in a coordinated fashion, discuss what issues we are each experiencing and get important updates out,” Mr O’Connor said.

“We’ve also got some infrastructure like poly welders and a seeding trailer that are owned by the BARG so there are those benefits as well.

“Being in a group is a great way to have a voice.

"If we think something needs changing we can raise those issues as a group as opposed to an individual and that gives your voice more weight.”

Western Local Land Services work with up to 17 pest animal control groups and Landcare groups during its autumn and spring baiting programs, with the coordinated rollout of the baiting program giving landholders the best opportunity to manage pest animals on their properties and in their local areas.

Landholders and community members that are not in a pest animal control group or Landcare group and wish to join one or establish one in their area, should contact their nearest Western Local Land Services Biosecurity Officer on 1300 795 299.

Western Local Land Services has just about finished the ground baiting component of its spring wild dog baiting program, with aerial baiting to commence on Tuesday, 2 October and be carried out for two weeks.

The area covered by the aerial program is from Hungerford in the north-east, Broken Hill in the west and Mt Hope in the south-east.

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.