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Work to commence after grants approved for priority weed projects in the Western region

Landholders that expressed a desire to carry out important weed projects on their properties are set to commence work after their applications were approved by Western Local Land Services.

Following a two month process, Western Local Land Services were able to approve five applications that were made through the Western Weed Management program, all of which seek to improve and sustain the condition of natural resources in the Western region by implementing control measures for weeds.

As a result of the five projects, it is expected 15,000 hectares of area will be treated for Mesquite and Boxthorn.

Boxthorn is an aggressive invader of pastures, roadsides, reserves, remnant bushland and waterways. It forms an impenetrable, spiny thicket that inhibits the movement of stock and provides a haven for feral animals. 

Mesquite is a woody weed that invades open grasslands, rangelands and the banks of watercourses, forming thick, impenetrable, thorny thickets. There are four known species of mesquite in Australia and several hybrids. 

Western Local Land Services Senior Land Services Officer, Brian Dohnt is pleased the five projects have received the green light and work can get underway.

“We were pleased to receive the interest we did in this program and we are looking forward to the five projects achieving some great outcomes,” Mr Dohnt said.

“Having weeds such as Boxthorn and Mesquite on your property can really impact on your productivity so it is great we can partner up with landholders to assist them to manage these weeds.”

For more information on weeds management in the Western region, contact Mr Dohnt on (02) 6836 17575 or your nearest Local Land Services office.

Funding for this program is through the National Landcare Program and Catchment Action NSW.

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.