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Two new District Veterinarians join Western Local Land Services

Landholders throughout the Western region are set to benefit from the recent addition of two District Veterinarians to the Western Local Land Services team.

In the last two months, Hannah Williams commenced working for Western Local Land Services, based in Balranald, while Felicity Wills joined the organisation and is working from Broken Hill.

They are working alongside Charlotte Cavanagh, who is the third District Veterinarian working for Western Local Land Services, and is based in Bourke.

Both Dr Williams and Dr Wills have hit the ground running, covering plenty of kilometres throughout the Western region to assist landholders with their animal health management.

Dr Williams, who grew up in East Gippsland, Victoria and has a background in superfine Merino production, is hoping landholders contact her, Dr Wills and Dr Cavanagh as soon as they have any animal health concerns.

“It is always best for landholders to contact us as soon as they suspect something is wrong or there is something they are unsure about or want clarification on,” Dr Williams said.

“Generally, waiting is the worst thing you can do as your stock get sicker and in many cases, die.

“We want to avoid that whenever possible or at the very least, be able to determine the cause of death. We are more likely to achieve an accurate diagnosis if animals are examined while they are still alive.

“In addition to contacting us when concerned for their stock, landholders can also contact us for general health or management advice."

Landholders with animal health questions are encouraged to contact:

  • Charlotte Cavanagh, Bourke, 0429 773 021
  • Hannah Williams, Balranald, 0439 830 280
  • Felicity Wills, Broken Hill, 0409 858 901.

Landholders and community members can also find information about animal health and other services offered by Western Local Land Services under the Livestock tab.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.