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Landholders informed about using technology at recent field day

A strong turnout of landholders have gained a great amount of knowledge in ways to advance their enterprises into the future at the technology in pastoral systems field day.

The field day, which was organised by landholder Gus Whyte and supported by Western Local Land Services, was held on Mr and Mrs Whyte’s property, “Wyndham Station” via Wentworth on Tuesday, 5 September.

Over 60 people, many of whom were landholders, attended the field day and took advantage of the opportunity to engage with local businesses, industry consultants, research groups and government organisations to see the technology that is available for use in pastoral livestock businesses.

Attendees participated in group discussion and also split into working groups where they focused on:

  • drones (uses, mustering, water and fence monitoring)
  • electricity ID (hardware, software, data use and stock selection)
  • electric fences (multi species fences)
  • telemetry (satellite based monitoring)
  • planning and record keeping (mapping, livestock records and chemical diary).

Mr Whyte was pleased the field day was so strongly supported with landholders taking away a great deal of information.

“A number of great options came through for me such as there being a wide range of technology for a wide range of purposes and you need to identify the areas of most potential to grow your business,” Mr Whyte said.

“Getting involved in technology can lead to big returns. An investment of $2,000 could save or make you 10 times that amount.

“I am a firm believer in the only constant thing in our industry is change so it is important landholders are also looking at technology and how it can be used in your enterprise.”

Landholders interested in hosting or attending a field day on technology should contact Western Local Land Services Senior Land Services Officer, Jaz Wells on 0417 488 496.

The field day was funded by National Landcare Programme.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.