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Landholders get great value out of sheep nutrition and breeding workshop

A strong turnout of 14 landholders have gained a greater understanding of the importance of sheep nutrition and breeding following a workshop that was held in Milparinka last week.

The one-day workshop, which was held at the Albert Hotel on Thursday 9 March and was organised in conjunction with Meat and Livestock Australia, covered a number of important topics such as how to best meet your production goals within a rangeland environment.

This included discussion around the influence of nutrition, the importance of a healthy native pastures system and the role of genetic selection in creating a productive and efficient enterprise.

A key theme from the day was that rather than trying to manipulate the environment to better suit your livestock, it is often easier and more economical to breed and select animals that are best suited to the environment you are working in.

With the workshop focusing on giving landholders insights into how to get the best returns from their livestock, Senior Land Services Officer, Mitch Plumbe said those that attended the day were highly engaged and found it to be very beneficial.

“Workshops that focus on topics like what role genetics play in animal production and identifying the traits most important to your enterprise, are highly valuable for all landholders,” Mr Plumbe said.

“We had strong interest in the workshop from the time it was announced and this continued right up to the day itself.

“Landholders had great interaction with the presenter, Productive Nutrition’s San Jolly, and amongst themselves which everyone found highly valuable as they were getting first hand feedback from other producers within the region, along with insights from a well renowned private consultant.”

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