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Landholders benefit from series of wild dog and fox control workshops

Landholders have increased their knowledge in managing pest animals and received important accreditation following five 1080 and Canid Pest Ejector (CPE) training and wild dog control workshops.

The series of free workshops, which were held at Anabranch, Pooncarie, Ivanhoe, Hillston and Balranald, informed landholders on effective 1080 bait, CPE and foothold trap application, wild dog and fox monitoring and how to record sightings and evidence in Feral Scan.

Around 65 landholders attended the five workshops and overall offered positive feedback, including John McKeon from “Disalie” Trida, who was at the Hillston event.

“I think it has been a fantastic day, on-topic and informative for everyone here,” Mr McKeon said.

“It has covered a wide range of pests so that fits in well with people from different areas.

“These workshops are vitally important and the best way to get some action in your local communities.”

The training sessions had theory and practical components, with Mark Lamb from Mark Lamb Trapping giving a variety of demonstrations and providing hands-on training as part of his presentation.

Local Land Services Western Region Land Services Officer Shae Brennan, who was at the Ivanhoe and Hillston workshops, thought the participants took a number of important messages away including how important it is to work collaboratively with each other.

“It is crucial landholders share information about what they are seeing on their property and in their area when it involves the management of wild dogs, foxes and other pest animals,” Ms Brennan said.

“Forming or joining a local pest control group is a great way to keep informed about pest animal activity and we know from past experience that having a coordinated plan in place between landholders and their neighbours delivers the best results.”

The five workshops were supported by the Australian Wool Innovation.

To find out more about pest animal management, contact your Local Land Services Western Region office today or visit our biosecurity page.

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