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Final chance to register for wild dog control workshops

Landholders in the Anabranch, Pooncarie, Ivanhoe, Hillston and Balranald areas have until Friday 20 January to register for the upcoming 1080 and Canid Pest Ejector (CPE) training and wild dog control workshops.

The one-day training sessions and workshops, which are running from 30 January to 3 February, will inform landholders on the best practices for managing both wild dogs and foxes.

By successfully completing one of the 1080 and CPE training sessions, landholders will be issued a five-year accreditation to use baited products including purchasing 1080 capsules for CPE (also known as M-44 devices).

Senior Land Services Officer, Kade Small, hopes all five training sessions and workshops are strongly attended.

“All landholders need to be involved in this as past experience demonstrates the best results are achieved when landholders are proactive, prepared and coordinated,” Mr Small said.

“Wild dogs are an emerging issue in the South-Western region and therefore it is essential that landholders are prepared for potential management intervention.

“We’re really hoping for some strong numbers at each session, so I’d fully encourage everyone that can attend to do so.”

The wild dog control workshop, which will be presented after the training, will be delivered by an industry expert who will focus on a number of key topics, including:

  • effective 1080, CPE and foothold trap application and placement
  • interpreting wild dog and fox evidence and signs
  • wild dog and fox monitoring including utilising motion sensor cameras
  • recording sightings and evidence in feral scan.

The 1080 and CPE training and wild dog control workshops are being supported by Australian Wool Innovation.

The training sessions and workshops will be held at Anabranch on 30 January, Pooncarie on 31 January, Ivanhoe on 1 February, Hillston on 2 February and Balranald on 3 February.

For further information or to register, contact Mr Small on (03) 5021 9459 or Land Services Officer Shae Brennan on (02) 6967 1639 or visit our Events page.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley 0428 679 974.