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Film series to showcase the Western region to new and exciting markets

The Western region may be about to go ‘viral’ following a short film series that informs viewers about the rangelands of NSW and why it’s people and resources are so valuable to the wider Australian community.

The film series, which was funded by Western Local Land Services, is mainly aimed at people living outside the Western region, however locals will also gain value from the films.

The films feature a range of experts as well as passionate landholders who detail how land management in the rangelands can result in the environment working in harmony with sustainable food production. There are four films in the series as follows:

  • Our paddocks to your plate – explaining how the meat produced in the NSW rangelands has great welfare credentials and is a healthier meat option
  • Rangelands: Growing meat naturally – why the rangelands are so well suited to growing meat and how grazing can also be used to improve the natural environment
  • DustWatch – how changes in cropping techniques have reduced soil erosion and soil loss in Western NSW
  • Caring for country – see how passionate landholders utilise how changes in technology and communicate with each other to improve land management in the Western region.

Western Local Land Services – Regional Landcare Facilitator, Fiona Garland was the project lead for the film series and was ecstatic with the response it has received so far.

“Most Australians don’t really understand what rangelands are or their importance in sustainable food production both domestically and globally,” Ms Garland said.

“We are hoping these films can showcase what our unique region is all about, help people understand where their food comes from as well as learning about the dedicated landholders who are committed to improving the landscape whilst producing that food.

“I would encourage everyone to view the films and help promote these films as widely as possible, especially to those outside the Western region.”

The films run for around five minutes each and are under the Video Resource Material section on this website. 

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.