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Cobar community called to keep an eye and an ear out for cane toads

Western Local Land Services has implemented a cane toad monitoring program in Cobar after a confirmed sighting of the pest last year.

The program, which includes the use of traps with lights to attract insects, audio equipment and regular inspections for eggs, will also rely heavily on the involvement of the local Cobar community.

While the chances a cane toad would be able to survive in Cobar is remote due to the cold winter temperatures and hot dry summers, Western Local Land Services believes it’s necessary to carry out a monitoring program to determine if there are any signs of a cane toad in the vicinity of the original sighting.

Manager of Biosecurity and Emergency Services, David Creeper has coordinated the response with the local council and is now calling on the local community to play an active part in the monitoring program.

“For the monitoring program to be successful we need significant buy-in from the local community so we have been dealing directly with the local council, local community groups and local schools,” Mr Creeper said.

“We realise an important part of this process is to educate the public on cane toads, so we’ve organised signs in areas that a cane toad would most likely be and the public can also get information from our Cobar office.”  

Mr Creeper said it is important all possible sightings are reported and no other action is taken by community members.

“Cane toads can be mistaken for the native Banjo frog so it is very important if people see or hear what they believe to be a cane toad that they do not approach it or try to catch it,” Mr Creeper said.

“The best course of action is simply to contact our Cobar office on 6836 1575 and describe what you’ve seen or heard, the location and time of day. If you happen to have a camera or smartphone, we’d encourage you to take a photo from a safe distance.”

For further information, residents can contact the Cobar office on 6836 1575.

Media contact:
Charlie Whiteley, Western Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.