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Valuable skills obtained from tactical grazing management workshop held at Balranald

A small but enthusiastic group of people attended a tactical grazing management workshop in Balranald last week, where they learnt about the principles of tactical grazing management, including pasture and livestock production and planning for changing seasonal conditions.

The workshop, which included both theory components and a number of field exercises that were held at Geraki and Narwie stations, were well received with many landholders commenting on the skills they obtained over the two days.

Some of the topics the presenters covered were measuring groundcover, estimating the amount of forage and determining stocking rates, identifying key pasture species and monitoring utilisation levels of key perennial plant species.

With grazing management playing such a pivotal role for landholders, Senior Land Services Officer Kade Small is adamant these workshops are hugely beneficial for landholders and workers.

“There were a lot of great outcomes from this two-day event,” said Mr Small.

“Not just the skills that the landholders picked up from the topics that were presented, but having the discussion about grazing management and hearing some different ideas and ways of doing things was very valuable.

“There were a lot of great topics covered in the workshop, such as estimating shrub cover and the impact on potential pasture growth, estimating the digestibility of feed and setting up a long-term monitoring system.”This workshop was the last in a series of four tactical grazing management workshops that were held for landholders across the Western region over the past year.

Landholders looking for more information regarding tactical grazing should contact their Local Land Services Western Region office today and keep an eye on the Local Land Services Western Region website for upcoming training and workshop opportunities.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley 0428 679 974.