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Two new District Vets for Western NSW

New vets - Charlotte and Sophie

Dr Charlotte Cavanagh and Dr Sophie Hemley make up the new Local Land Services District Veterinarian team appointed to work with livestock producers in Western NSW

Livestock producers in Western NSW now have two locally based District Veterinarians to call on to assist with production animal enquiries.

Dr Sophie Hemley has just been appointed to the Local Land Services Western Region office in Broken Hill, while Dr Charlotte Cavanagh, formerly with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, will now become part of the Local Land Services veterinary team.

DrCavanagh has worked in the Western Region for more than ten years based in Bourke, however from the 10thof October, 2016, she will be located at the Local Land Services’ Bourke office in Mitchell Street.

“I’m looking forward to being a part of the Local Land Services Biosecurity Team and continuing to work with Western landholders,” said DrCavanagh.

The District Veterinarians team will work to ensure stock in the Western Region remain disease and residue free, and are compliant with National Livestock Identification System regulations.

“Essentially we want to identify diseases early and stop problems from spreading to protect the producer’s bottom line,” said Dr Sophie Hemley. “If you’re a Local Land Services Western Region rate payer you are entitled to the services of a District Veterinarian.”

“The role of the District Veterinarian is to work with Local Land Services Biosecurity Officers to investigate animal health and production issues at a flock and herd level.”

In the western region on a day-to-day basis District Veterinarian tasks could include:

  • Property visits to investigate animal health problems and stock deaths, which may involve taking samples such as blood or faeces, or conducting a post mortem
  • Reproductive investigations, including testing rams for brucellosis
  • Field enquires around toxic plant varieties
  • Distributing worm test kits and interpreting worm test results
  • Answering queries regarding entries of stock into our area
  • Certification for interstate movements of stock, export stock and property change overs
  • Regular monitoring for insect-borne diseases required by international trading partners
  • Ensuring chemical residues don’t reach the food chain
  • Addressing animal welfare issues

Landholders in the western region are encouraged to give Sophie Hemley or Charlotte Cavanagh a call if they have livestock related questions.

Dr Charlotte Cavanagh - 0429 773 021

Dr Sophie Hemley -  0417 248 135