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Taking stock to your local show? You need a PIC!

Local Land Services Western Region wants to remind you that if you’re taking stock to your local show you must have a Property Identification Code or PIC.

“The aim of the PIC system is to help trace back the source, and contain the potential spread, of disease outbreaks,” explained Manager of Biosecurity and Emergency Services, David Creeper.

According to Clause 37 of the Stock Diseases Regulation 2009 it is a legal requirement in NSW for owners of livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep and goats to have a PIC when trading or moving these livestock.

“The chance of serious diseases spreading increases when livestock are congregating in a confined area, such as at Agfair,” said Mr Creeper.

“Event organisers have been required to upgrade their health and disease control measures, and collecting PIC data is part of this process to help with disease trace back.”

The NSW Department of Primary Industries advises that all livestock owners, managers and occupiers of land that carries cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, bison, buffalo, deer, camelids, equines (i.e. horses and donkeys), more than 99 poultry, or more than nine emus or ostriches, must have a Property Identification Code, regardless of whether the livestock are moved or not.

“Most properties already have a PIC, so it’s simply a matter of having that number handy when you attend your local show,” advised Mr Creeper.

For more information about PICs or stock movements contact your nearest Local Land Services Western Region Office – details at

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