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Supporting productive and sustainable industries

Grants are now available to manage total grazing pressure more effectively on properties in Western NSW through Local Land Services Western Region’s 2016 Incentives Program.

The grants are available on a co-contribution basis and can be used to fence off paddocks so land managers have greater control of unmanaged animals such as goats. There is also funding to better manage grazing in riparian areas along waterways and around wetlands to better protect these important habitats and improve water quality.

According to Acting General Manager, Erlina Compton, the grants will make a significant difference to boosting productivity in the Western Region.

“By upgrading fencing to restrict all types of grazing animals, land managers can control how heavily each paddock is grazed,” Ms Compton said.

“Once they have grazing under control, they can manage pastures for both groundcover and the more productive grasses.

“Maintaining this vegetation is the key to ensuring productive and sustainable enterprises – it  catches runoff and reduces erosion.

“Pasture rest is the only way to prevent productive grasses from disappearing from paddocks.”

Local Land Services Western Region is hosting a series of information sessions between 22 February and 16 March to explain the grants in more detail and help land managers get started with their applications.

Interested land managers can find out more about the information sessions and download an application form via

Local Land Services Western Region provides a wide range of other services and support for land managers in Western NSW, including:

  • testing for animal diseases
  • feral animal and weed control
  • vegetation and soil management
  • natural disaster recovery.

For other advice and support, contact your nearest Local Land Services Western Region office –

Media contact: Michelle McGranahan 0428 784 282