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Be proactive to prevent the spread of wild dogs in the west

Local Land Services Western Region is encouraging land managers and community groups to be on the front foot and start rolling out their wild dog management programs now to help curb the spread of this feral animal.

Wild dogs are a significant problem in western NSW, preying on livestock and causing losses to productivity and profitability at the farm gate.

Robynne Wells-Budd, Senior Biosecurity Officer, said late summer is a good time to start baiting programs.

“Wild dogs are on the move at this time of year looking for new territory,” Ms Wells-Budd said.

“We need to take advantage of this behaviour to prevent them spreading further in western NSW.

“Despite the good work that land managers have already been doing in the west, they are still causing damage.

“We need a whole-of-community effort to get them under control.”

Local Land Services Western Region offers a range support for land managers and community groups with their baiting programs.

“We’re currently delivering training programs on how to use 1080 ejector baits, which are proving to be very effective in reducing numbers,” Ms Wells-Budd said.

“The best results are achieved when land holders operate in groups in a coordinated manner so we have a greater impact over a large area.

“We can help with establishing groups as well as identifying funding sources for group activities.

Local Land Services Western region is currently working with NSW Farmers to develop its annual wild dog control program, which will build on the efforts of the community.

“Were planning to start our program in early autumn so we will be in touch with land managers in those areas soon to schedule activities,” Ms Wells-Budd said.

For more information about wild dog management contact Robynne Wells-Budd on 0439 596 614 or

Media contact: Michelle McGranahan 0428 784 282