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Pest program pays dividends

Rainie Weston has proven that persistence pays off. Over the last ten years she has been coordinating a group pest control program and is now seeing a dramatic rise in productivity on per property, Marapina, north of Broken Hill. While she acknowledges that her good fortune is due in part to improved weather conditions, she believes the drop off in the number of predators in the region has made a significant contribution.

“In the past we had a real problem with foxes and dingoes preying on our stock – I knew the only solution was to start a group baiting program rather than focus on our property alone,” Rainie said.

“It started off slowly but has grown to include 11 properties in the region and we’re now achieving lambing rates of over 100 percent.”

“We have our own drying racks – obtained through funding from Australian Wool Innovation – so we can prepare enough baits for everyone.”

Tim Wall, Senior Biosecurity Officer at Local Land Services Western Region, said that group efforts are the key to keeping populations at bay.

“Pests like wild dogs and foxes move about from property to property so it is important that community joins forces and works as a team,” Tim said.

Both Rainie and Tim agree that timing is also vital.

“The best times are spring when the pups born and again in autumn before they start searching for their own territory,” Tim said.

“We coordinate our drop to take place after Local Land Services Western Region has completed its program to build on their efforts,” Rainie said.

“We also bait before the lambs are born.”

Local Land Services Western Region provides a range of support for land managers that want to start their own control programs.

“We’ve recently conducted training in the use of remote cameras and canid pest ejectors – both of which are proving very effective.

“We can also connect land managers to community pest groups so they can coordinate their efforts.

“Rainie is a member of the Barrier Area Rangecare Pest Group and there are many more groups based in western NSW.”

Local Land Services Western Region can also provide support for pest control activities through its Western Region Small Land Management Grants Program.

For more information about pest control contact a biosecurity officer at one of Local Land Services Western Region’s offices nearest you – details at

Media contact: Michelle McGranahan 0428 784 282