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NSW malleefowl recovery group a step closer following Buronga and Hillston workshops

An engaged group of landholders and community members have shown they are prepared to fight for the long-term sustainability of malleefowls after declaring their interest in being involved in a recovery group.

The huge shift forward has come following two workshops that were organised by Local Land Services Western Region.

The free workshops, which were held at Buronga on Monday 12 December and Hillston on Wednesday 14 December, were both strongly attended with over 40 landholders and community members present over the two events.

From the workshops, a community member has volunteered to project manage the establishment of the NSW malleefowl recovery group, with Local Land Services Western Region offering support where needed.

Senior Land Services Officer Ronni O’Donnell hoped these information sessions would generate interest firstly in malleefowls and secondly in the formation of the recovery group and she couldn’t be happier with the response thus far.

“It was definitely a big step in the right direction and we are confident there will be positive movements in 2017,” said Ms O’Donnell.

“This is the best possible outcome from these sessions with great interest shown from landowners, the community and government agencies.

“It was pleasing that all put the conservation and preservation of malleefowls and their habitat first.”

A number of expert speakers gave important background information about malleefowls and delivered several key messages to attendees at both workshops.

These messages included what is and is not known about malleefowls on an ecological and conservation level, what monitoring is being done, what happens to the data, why it’s important and why the malleefowl is special and worth protecting.

The community member who has volunteered to project manage the NSW malleefowl recovery group is Milton Lewis, who is employed by Local Land Services, but will be involved in this project in a volunteer capacity only.

For further information on malleefowls, contact your Local Land Services Western Region office.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley 0428 679 974.