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Local strategic plan maps out projects for next five years

Local Land Services Western Region has published its 2016-21 Local Strategic Plan and
identified projects with a focus on grazing management and pest control among the priorities for
the next five years.

Each of the 11 Local Land Services regions across NSW has developed a local strategic plan
that sets out strategies for working with land managers and the community to improve primary
production within healthy landscapes.

Western Local Board Chair, Tom Hynes said the local strategies were tailored to meet the
issues, risks and opportunities that characterise the communities, industries and landscapes of
the region.

“The integrated service delivery model that is now in place provides greater opportunities to work
with land managers and the community and the consultation process we went through to
develop this plan is a clear example of the way we are engaging with the community,” Mr Hynes

“We are looking forward to working with land managers and the community over the next five
years to achieve key goals that include self-reliant, adaptive and prepared communities as well
as productive, biosecure and sustainable primary industries operating in a resilient landscape.

“Some of the funded projects already underway across the region are expected to deliver some
great benefits over the next five years in terms managing grazing pressure on the land through
tools such as the installation of Total Grazing Pressure fencing, as well as being able to manage
groundcover across variable seasonal conditions.”

Other projects that have also shown results over the longer-term, and are expected to continue
doing so, include group pest control programs such as one that’s been running north of Broken
Hill for the past decade, where foxes and dingo populations have noticeably declined.

“It’s landholders working strategically with Local Land Services to make pest control programs
more coordinated and effective – the community becomes part of the team.”

The 2016-26 State Strategic Plan and 11 local strategic plans were finalised after a six-week
consultation process that attracted more than 270 submissions from stakeholder groups and
interested community members.

Download the Western Region Local Strategic Plan.


Media contacts:
Erlina Compton, Acting General Manager, 0458 944 614 or
Donna Ambler 0438 097 907

Project examples

John Nicholas, Kara Station via Broken Hill: 2015 Total Grazing Pressure Project

John Nicholas of “Kara Station”, via Packsaddle in Western NSW was a successful applicant of the National Landcare Programme, who will be using his funding to upgrade 24 kilometres of fencing to Total Grazing Pressure standard.

These works will enclose an area of 3,450ha, enabling the Nicholas’ to not only run their domestic livestock more effectively, but will also assist in taking control of grazing pressure from unmanaged goats and high numbers of migratory kangaroos.

In taking this strategic approach to improve infrastructure and in turn grazing management, the project aims to create an effective grazing rotation to provide native groundcover with adequate rest for a healthier landscape.

Garth Davis, Yandaroo via Bourke: 2014 Riparian Project

In 2015 Garth Davis completed five kilometres of fencing to exclude livestock from the Warrego River riparian zone on his property, “Delta”. In addition to the Total Grazing Pressure standard exclusion fencing, Garth installed two watering points to provide an alternative water source for his livestock. In total Garth has now completed 16 kilometres of riparian fencing to fence the length of the Warrego River on his properties.

He is already seeing the benefits of livestock exclusion from an earlier project, which is showing healthy regeneration of stream bank vegetation such as young eucalypt saplings and Warrego River Grass. Livestock management has also benefited from the project, as livestock becoming bogged in the river is no longer a concern when the river is low.

Ivanhoe: 2016 Tactical Grazing Management Workshops – 18 & 19 April

A Tactical Grazing Management Workshop was held in Ivanhoe, NSW on 18 and 19 April, 2016, providing local landowners with an opportunity to discuss grazing management and speak to other landholders about their experience of managing groundcover.

Local Land Services Western Region staff, Department of Primary Industry facilitators and workshop participants collaborated to develop grazing management plan examples that suited current seasonal conditions.

This provided an opportunity for new landowners and incentive program applicants to develop and tailor grazing management practices to suit the local Ivanhoe district industries represented at the workshop, including rangeland and farmed goats, among others. Six Western Region businesses were represented by workshop participants on the day.

North of Broken Hill: Group pest control program

Eleven properties in an area north of Broken Hill are now achieving lambing percentages of more than 100 percent due in part to the outcomes of a group pest control program coordinated over the past 10 years by Rainie Weston, “Marapina”, north of Broken Hill. Targeting foxes and dingos, landholders are timing their baiting program so it takes place after the Local Land Services Western Region program is complete, making it a more coordinated, strategic control that also works with the breeding cycles and movements of animals across the region.

Local Land Services also provides support and some funding to landholders to start their own control programs as well as connecting them with other landholders to create community pest groups.