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Let’s put the Local in Land Services – enrol to vote for the 2017 local elections

If you pay Local Land Services rates, you’re eligible to enrol to vote in the 2017 locally elected board member elections.

To have a say in who represents your interests on local boards you must enrol by 31 March, 2017.

Enrolling and voting in board member elections will help decide who sits on local boards and communicates the concerns and issues of regional ratepayers.

"Ratepayers must elect people they think will best represent them and their needs,” Local Land Services Western Region Chair Tom Hynes said.

"I encourage all ratepayers to get involved and help build an organisation that will serve them."

Enrolment forms can be picked up from local offices, downloaded from the website or completed on the Local Land Services website.

“It is your right to vote and although voting for the local board members is voluntary, I would encourage all eligible people to enrol and cast their vote this year to have a say in how our region is represented,” Mr Hynes said.

“Local boards have legislated functions which focus on four main areas of strategy, community engagement, advocacy and advice.

“The four elected board members will join the four Ministerially-appointed members and a Chair to guide the organisation.

“Together they will focus on the strategic direction of the organisation, promoting the services offered, encouraging partnerships and building strong relationships with investors while also communicating the priorities and concerns of customers to local boards.”

To vote ratepayers must complete an enrolment form by the end of March 2017.

Enrol to vote applications will also be mailed to ratepayers in 2017 along with annual rates notices.

To find out more by visiting the Local Land Services website.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley 0428 679 974.