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Landholders in Ivanhoe and Cobar areas benefit from recent land and water management workshops

Landholders throughout the Ivanhoe and Cobar districts have gained valuable knowledge in a number of key areas following land and water management workshops that were held last week.

The free one-day workshops, which were held in Ivanhoe on Tuesday and Cobar on Thursday, focused on land management surveying for farm water supply and erosion control, as well as advice on riparian incentive program water infrastructure planning.

Landholders were also informed about a number of other important aspects of land and water management, such as water requirements for stock and domestic (not irrigation), storage tanks and troughs and pipeline design for stock and domestic purposes in a pastoral district.

Attendees also benefited from a one hour presentation of the Natural Resource Management Spatial Hub and their water profile tools and land management tools.

Land Services Officer, Rob Dini, was pleased landholders were able to upskill and increase their knowledge around land and water management from the workshops.

“Discussing a range of issues such as pump types and requirements, the location and common issues with ground tanks and general farm planning and farm water supply was highly valuable to landholders,” said Mr Dini.

“The presenters such as Senior Land Services Officer Paul Theakston and Mick Hawtin who is an engineer did a great job of informing and engaging everyone at the workshops.”

For more information regarding land and water management, contact your Local Land Services Western Region office.

A third workshop was planned for Pooncarie on 5 December but had to be postponed, and will be held before 30 June 2017 at a destination to be determined.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley 0428 679 974.