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Attendees gain great hands-on experience at native plant identification workshop

The final event in the Western Walkabout native plant identification and management workshops series has been declared a great success, with landholders gaining valuable knowledge about balancing production and sustainability on their farms.

Around 20 landholders and interested community members converged on Naree Station, via Fords Bridge, where Australian Network for Plant Conservation Project Manager, Martin Driver presented the workshop.

Mr Driver, who has spent the past 30 years professionally, in private enterprises and community projects gaining hands-on experience in vegetation management, enhancement and restoration, used the workshop to focus on a number of key topics.

These included how to identify native plants, the benefits of retaining native plants on your property and how to manage these plants to benefit productivity.

During the day, Mr Driver took attendees on a paddock walk which allowed them to gain valuable hands-on experience identifying plants in the field.

Senior Land Services Officer Kyra Roach believes those in attendance learned some valuable things, which they will be able to implement on their own properties.

“All the participants took particular interest in identifying the vegetation that was present, and then using their knowledge to implement management strategies around increasing desirable species on their own properties,” said Ms Roach.

“Landholders discussed the varieties of native annual and perennial species, their palatability and nutritional value and different methods for establishing their seeds.

“It was a fabulous networking opportunity for local landholders to engage with each other about the management principles and practices they implement and exchange ideas.”

The workshops were organised by Local Land Services Western Region with support from Western Landcare and NSW Environmental Trust.

For more information regarding plant identification, contact your Local Land Services Western Region office.

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley 0428 679 974.