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Spectacular season for plant ID workshops

Some of the best seasonal conditions in the past 40 years were the backdrop for a series of native plant identification and management workshops held this spring in the Western Division.

Martin Driver from the Australian Network for Plant Conservation conducted the walking workshops which were organised by Local Land Services Western Region in collaboration with Western Landcare and support from the NSW Environmental Trust.

The workshops began in Broken Hill with a tour of the Riddiford Arboretum and the Broken Hill regeneration area, while a second workshop took landholders on a grand tour of Simon and Lindy Molesworth’s Clevedale and Rupee stations south of Broken Hill.

“Highlights included an inspection of rocky hills home to magnificent specimens of sennas and dodonaeas, beautifully vigorous mulga stands featuring open bluebush plains, and lunch in a grove of Broken Hill wattle and rosewood,” reported Martin Driver.

Workshops also took place at Rick Taylor’s Glenhope station at White Cliffs where a group of local landholders were able to inspect open plains grassland herb fields and one of the most extensive stands of regenerating leopardwood across its range, as well as a huge cane grass wetland and rookery.

“There was much discussion about the Taylor family’s demonstrations of water harvesting and ponding, and the restoration impacts of scalded lands through soil scarifying and litter and seed distribution. Ideas were floated about establishing local seed harvesting pools and restoration trials of a range of locally native species,” said Martin.

The final event in the Western Walkabout native plant identification and management workshops series had to be rescheduled due to rain. This workshop will now take place on Thursday 1 December at the Australian Bush Heritage property, Naree.

Contact Alice Jarrett on 0431 520 799 to get involved.

A native grass and pasture identification and grazing management workshop to be held at the Western Landcare Forum has also been postponed until August 2017.  Contact Louise Turner for details on 08 8091 6728.

Local Land Services Western and Western Landcare would like to thank all the landowners and participants in the workshops for their enthusiasm and generous support.

For more information about this series of workshops, or for inquiries about participating in future on-property workshops, contact Jasmine Wells at the Local Land Services Western office in Broken Hill on 0417 488 496 or Martha Gouniai at Western Landcare on 0449 956 819.


Media contact: Meg Strang for Local Land Services Western Region - 0429 340 600