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Robynne joins the Cobar Biosecurity Office

With nearly 14 years experience in the industry, Robynne Wells-Budd joined the Cobar Local Land Services Western Region office this week as Senior Biosecurity Officer (formerly known as ranger).

Robynne previously worked in the Central West region based in Nyngan and is familiar with the area having grown up on Tara Station near Nymagee.  
She has also carried out emergency management throughout the Western Division during flood situations. Manager, Biosecurity and Emergency Services, David Creeper welcomed Robynne Wells-Budd's appointment to the region. 

"Previously known as rangers in the former LHPA, Biosecurity Officers are an invaluable resource to landholders," he said. 

"In their expanded role, not only do officers deal with pest animal and insect control, but also plant health and disease. 

"On the ground this means working with landholders through providing advice, assistance and coordination of control programs," he said. 

"They can supply resources to help landholders manage and control invasive species such as feral pigs, wild dogs, rabbits, foxes, locust, deer, goats and other emerging pest species." 

Mr Creeper said his team of Biosecurity Officers provide support with animal health matters and work closely with District Vets to give on farm advice and inspect herd stock. 

"All Biosecurity Officers are trained in disaster emergency management and many of our staff have experience with locust campaigns, animal disease management and advice on stock management during fires and floods," he said. 

Taking a back to basics approach, Robynne is looking forward to building relationships with the landholders in the region. 

"What I love about my job is working with landholders. Getting out there and assisting them with testing and baiting. I feel my role is to help the landholder in whatever way I can," she said. 

Robynne has been a member of the Feral Animal Aerial Shooting Team for the past 12 years and has implemented a number of programs to reduce the feral pig population resulting in a significant drop in numbers. 

"Feral pig predation on livestock and the spread of leptospirosis and brucellosis to both livestock and to landholders are big problems facing the region," she said. 

Media contact:

Donna Ambler 0400 258 690
David Creeper 0428 234 972 or 08 8082 5211