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Information sessions explain clearing rules

More than 100 people attended free information sessions throughout the Western Local Region
during February and March to learn what clearing they are allowed to do without approval. 

Landholders and local government representatives were among the attendees at the forums that
explained the clearing rules under the Native Vegetation Act and recently-amended Native
Vegetation Regulation.
Sessions were held during February and early March at Wanaaring, Bourke, Cobar, Broken Hill,
Wentworth, Ivanhoe and Hillston.
PVP Coordinator with Local Land Services Western Region, Karen Kneipp said the sessions
provided accurate information about the new self-assessable codes for clearing invasive native
species, clearing paddock trees in cultivation and thinning native vegetation.
"The people who attended welcomed the opportunity to gain direct information about native
vegetation laws," Ms Kneipp said.
"Many people thought a move to self assessable codes was good, but some saw difficulty in
applying the code and not having the comfort of a Property Vegetation Plan (PVP).
"Many people thought they would still want the certainty that they felt a PVP provided."
The sessions addressed the clearing that is allowed for routine agricultural management activities
and regrowth provisions and when a property vegetation plan is needed.
"We held the information sessions throughout the region to help dispel any myths that might be
circulating about the legislation, explain how the regulations apply in the Western Local Region and
give examples of what clearing does and doesn't need approval," Ms Kneipp said.
"There are number of routine agricultural management activities that do not require approval for
clearing and now there are self-assessable codes for certain lower risk clearing that do not require
approval if clearing is accordance with the code and notification is provided.
"These sessions were a good chance for people to gain an overview of how the regulatory
framework for native vegetation applies in the Western Region and to clear up any confusion."
Landholder Guides are now also available online for: clearing invasive native scrub; thinning native vegetation; and clearing paddock trees in a cultivation area.

Four Fact Sheets are also available on the NSW Environment website to support: assessing
groundcover; determining distances from water bodies, the notification process; and how to obtain
other approvals.
Media contact: 
Donna Ambler 0400 258 690
Karen Kneipp 0429 918 475