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Balranald, Wentworth, Hillston, Ivanhoe Local Community Advisory Group Members Announced

Eight community members have been appointed to the Local Community Advisory Group for Balranald, Wentworth, Hillston and Ivanhoe to provide advice to Local Land Services Western Region. 

Wentworth landholder Angus Whyte will chair the group, which is one of three newly-formed Local Community Advisory Groups. 

Members of the group are: 

Angus Whyte (chair) 


Cynthja Pappin 


Phil Baird 


Clive Linnett 


John McKeon 


Marc O'Halloran 


Christopher Stanmore 


Trevor Jolliffe 


At a combined meeting of all three groups at Broken Hill late, Mr Whyte said the group was enthusiastic about the task of providing input to the Western Local Board. 
Mr Whyte has been a landholder in the region for more than 16 years has a passion for the land and the environment. 

"I look forward to providing input to help make sure that Local Land Services is relevant and up to date on our community's issues," he said. 

Western Local Board Chairman, Tom Hynes was impressed with the enthusiasm that the 23 group members from throughout the region brought to the combined meeting. 

"The people who have put their hands up to represent the local community have an amazing wealth of knowledge as land managers, community members and within local industry," he said. 

"Many have worked in natural resource management roles and they have shown a high level of commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and conservation management. 

"The Local Community Advisory Groups have been created to provide input into the development of plans, projects and services and be a link between the Western Local Board and the community and I expect they will be an important part of our decision-making process." 

Media contact:
Donna Ambler 0400 258 690 
Chairman Tom Hynes 0438 887 275