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Amy Gunn chosen to help promote NSW agriculture

Cobar-based Livestock Officer with Local Land Services Western Region, Amy Gunn has been selected to represent western NSW as a young innovator who will help build actions to strengthen the future of the state's agriculture industry. 

Amy will take part in the Actions for NSW Agriculture Initiative, which brings together like-minded innovators from diverse parts of the agricultural system to identify, design, test, and build ideas that might attract the attention of funding bodies.  

She is looking forward to the opportunity to join a diverse community of change agents, be challenged by new thinking and experiment with new approaches in a bid to be better equipped to do the work they are passionate about.   

"I expect the opportunities to network and gain more of an understanding of the other activities, ideas and initiatives of like-minded people, industry leaders and funding programs within NSW will be extremely beneficial," Amy said. 

"I imagine that the outcomes of this program may provide me and Local Land Services with some insight into future programs, as well as new ideas on innovation, increasing capital and improving community relations for agriculture which we could roll out in the Western Division." 

At the end of the 10-month project the participants will have a chance to pitch successful ideas to potential seed funders and enablers in government, philanthropy and industry. 

Amy and her husband, Sam run sheep and cattle on a 12,100 hectare property 120km north-west of Condobolin. 

A passionate advocate for the future of farming, Amy has created a huge following on Facebook with her Friend a Farmer Initiative, which aims to reconnect the city with the bush. 

With 5,000 followers in just five months, the Facebook page highlights the work of farmers and aims to renew the trend of non-farming families visiting farms to experience the life first hand to overcome some of the political and social issues affecting agriculture. 

"I have some fresh ideas for improving the viability of agriculture - in particular marketing and social issues, so I am really looking forward to the opportunities this program will present," Amy said.   

"I can contribute both as a farmer, a Livestock Officer and with the experience I have gained in such a short time with the Friend a Farmer Initiative.   

"It's my view that it's important that Western NSW continues to have a voice at these kinds of events when it concerns improving the viability of agriculture in the state.   

"Productivity and sustainability in western grazing systems are high on my agenda and I'm happy to keep reminding others to keep them on the program." 

Media contact:
Donna Ambler 0400 258 690 
Amy Gunn 6836 1575