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Wild dog baiting program in Wanaaring

Biosecurity Support Officer, Grant Davis said landholders should register to take part in the baiting program, which would be supported by the Department of Primary Industries with an aerial baiting program on Monday 3 March.

The program will be held during the first week of March, with landholders providing meat to be administered with 1080 by Western Local Land Services staff and then placing the baits on their properties.

With 58 properties in the Wanaaring region eligible to take part in the program, Mr Davis is keen to take advantage of the dry conditions to make an impact on wild dog numbers.

"With water supplies down, landholders are seeing more wild dogs on their properties and this presents us with a good opportunity to place baits where we know they are active," he said.

"In areas that have been destocked or set aside for regeneration, the aerial baiting program is the best way to target breeding grounds.

"Experience also tells us that it's far more effective for landholders to carry out a coordinated baiting program so we don't just move the problem from one property to another."

Only 1080 poison accredited landholders can administer baits, in accordance with standard guidelines. To register for the program, contact:

Grant Davis           Western Local Land Services, Wanaaring
ph                          (02) 6874 7749

Landholders can also talk to Mr Davis about how to become accredited to administer 1080.

Barrier Area Rangecare Group is also holding a Wild Dog Management Forum on 12 March, followed by a Dog Trapping School on 13 March at White Cliffs.

To register for those events, phone Bruce Duncan on 0409 515 471 or email