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Western Wild Dog Management Forum

Fifty five people attended the Western Wild Dog Management Forum, which was followed by a dog trapping school.

Regional Landcare Facilitator, Anne Holst said the forum was a joint initiative of Western Local Land Services and Landcare, with sponsorship from the Australian Wool Innovation fund.

"The initial idea for the forum came from Louise Turner, a local landholder and member of the Barrier Area Rangecare Group, in a bid to encourage a strategic approach to managing the impacts of wild dogs, as well as pigs and foxes," Ms Holst said.

"Dogs are posing increasing risks to graziers in the western region, particularly in the area north of White Cliffs.

"The Barrier Area Rangecare Group recognised that a coordinated approach was the best way to bring people together to address the issue and provide first-hand training.

"With water supplies down, landholders are seeing more wild dogs on their properties and they are taking a high level of risk in approaching areas where there are people and stock."

Participants at the forum included support agency staff from the Wild Dog Destruction Board, National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Western Local Land Services.

They were joined by the Member for Farrer, Sussan Ley MP and Fiona Simpson, President of the NSW Farmers Association.

"There was an agreement by everyone in attendance that we need to work together to streamline the reporting by various agencies of wild dog tracks, attacks and dogs killed," Ms Holst said.

"We also need to encourage like-minded landholders to work together to address the issue.

"Experience tells us that it's far more effective for landholders to carry out coordinated wild dog programs so we don't just move the problem from one property to another."

National Wild Dog Facilitator, Greg Misfud facilitated the forum with support from NSW Farmers' Western Wild Dog Coordinator, Bruce Duncan.

On day two, participants had the opportunity to develop their practical skills in wild dog trapping during a training exercise conducted by Paul Billsbourough from Wild Pest.

The forum and training followed wild dog baiting programs at Wanaaring and Tilpa in early March.

That program included aerial baiting to target breeding grounds in areas that had been destocked and were difficult to access.