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High level of interest in carbon farming opportunities

John Gavin from Remarkable NRM was guest speaker at the sessions in Bourke on 22 May and Cobar on 23 May, where landholders started to appreciate the complexity of the process.

Western Local Land Services Team Leader, Anna Hanson said the sessions focused on how
landholders might be able to add carbon farming to their enterprise mix, as well as the
ramifications of the long-term commitment that is required.
"There was a high level of interest in the sessions, particularly from landholders in the Cobar area,
where there has been some recent carbon farming activity," Ms Hanson said.
"The information sessions helped people appreciate that carbon farming is a market of its own and
one that landholders aren't generally familiar with.
"Carbon farming isn't an option for everyone and it can seem quite complicated initially, so these
information sessions helped to clarify the process. .
"The feedback we received suggests that the sessions provided landholders with a good insight to
how local people should consider the costs and benefits of setting up a carbon project.
"While landholders can create additional income for their businesses, it is important that they
assess the costs and benefits of adding carbon farming to their enterprise, as they would with any
enterprise change, and give this market very careful consideration."
The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is an Australian Government initiative that allows farmers and
other land managers to earn carbon credits by storing carbon in vegetation and soil and by
reducing their greenhouse gas emissions
Those credits can then be sold to businesses that want to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.
The workshops explained the approved methodologies that are applicable in Western NSW, the
rules for implementing and monitoring carbon farming projects and how carbon credits are
They also explained current government policy and the types of projects possible in the Western
region, as well as the methodology suitable for carbon farming projects in the area.
For more information on the Carbon Farming Initiative, landholders should contact Anna Hanson at
Western Local Land Services on 02 6870 8623.