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Projects and programs

We support local people to improve the health and productivity of their area.

The Land Services Program - a new approach

The Land Services Program (the Program) offers a new approach to property planning and rural enterprise mentoring in the Western region.

The Program runs over two years or eight 'quarters' and operates under a case officer approach, which pairs participants with a Local Land Services staff member who will provide support and guidance through the program.  

Over the two years, participants will:

  • attend a number of facilitated group sessions with other participants
  • receive training, guidance and mentorship
  • assess the physical assets, natural resources and infrastructure present on their properties
  • explore the human and social factors relevant to their businesses and its management
  • complete a personalised property plan using the knowledge gained during the first three 'quarters' of the program
  • receive an economic assessment of your business and involvement in a farm benchmarking group
  • access to producer mentors willing to share knowledge and experience.

Participants will receive access to training and services estimated to have a total value of $26,000 over the course of the program. Additionally, the potential longer term benefits to individual businesses are substantial.

Participants will also receive up to $10,000 p.a. for the duration of the program. This is to support capacity building activities that align with the goals and priorities of their business, as identified during the property planning process. 

This can include formalised courses, industry conferences and on property field days.  

The Program would be suitable for any landholders seeking to take the next step with their enterprise or gain knowledge in an area they are not familiar with.  

The Program is a joint initiative between Local Land Services and Soils for Life.

For more information have a read of the plan on a page or contact Senior Land Services Officer - Agribusiness, Mitch Plumbe on 0408 241 200 or via email.

Key Investment Priorities

The key areas for investment, through on-ground works and training, are:

Productive industries and adaptable, connected communities
  • adaptable and resilient land managers
  • sustainable and productive agricultural industry
  • Aboriginal people connected to country, culture and heritage.
Healthy and resilient landscapes and aquatic systems
  • healthy and resilient landscapes
  • healthy and resilient aquatic systems.
Adaptive governance, decision making and management

Western Catchment Action Plan

The key investment priorities were developed with considerable input from local communities through the development of the 2013-2023 Western Catchment Action Plan (CAP). The CAP provides direction for natural resource management in the Western Local Land Services region.