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Grants and funding

We fund landholders, groups, organisations and individuals to improve their local environment by better managing our natural resources.

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Our funding programs

Ag Innovation and Technology small grants

Land managers are invited to apply for a small grant to purchase innovative technology, equipment or services to assist them to adopt sustainable practice change.

The rebates are open to individual farming enterprises that have purchased the technology or service after 1 July 2017 or are prepared to purchase the technology or service before 8 June 2018.

Approved landholder projects will be eligible for a rebate of 50 % of the approved purchase cost, to a maximum of $5,000 for individuals (GST excl).

Some examples of the technology or services that are eligible are:

  • Stock water telemetry systems
  • Desalinisation plant for livestock consumption
  • Soil testing and analysis
  • Drones with surveillance or data capture capability and analysis and associated software
  • Software for professional farm assessment and management.

Applications close 5 pm EST on Friday, 11 May 2018 - please note funding is limited and applications will be assessed in the order that they are received, which may mean that some projects will not be funded.

For a full version of the funding guidelines and an application form click here (DOC 221KB). 

For further information contact Kyra Roach on 0438 695 755 or via email or Mitch Plumbe on 0408 241 200 or via email.

Western region small land management grants

Grants of up to $5,000 addressing the following investment themes are now available:

  • training, education and community activities.

Applications for funding must be submitted by Friday 11 May (note: extended from previous deadline of 30 April). Note that the following financial limits apply to the small land management grants program:

  • individuals may receive a maximum of $5,000 per financial year. If you have successfully completed a project you may reapply if you have not reached the individual limit.
  • groups may receive a maximum of $5,000 per property involved per financial year. If a group has successfully completed a project they may reapply to the funding category if the group has not reached the limit.

Training, education and community activities

Training activities: funding for individuals or groups to attend or arrange training related to natural resource management (NRM) practices. This activity is about achieving a positive change in land management.

Educational activities: funding for education providers to conduct a NRM activity with their students. This activity is about raising awareness of NRM issues in the community.

Community activities: funding for groups to conduct a NRM activity or to support a community event with a NRM theme. This activity is about raising awareness of NRM issues in the community.

Application process:

Programs are continually open for applications until funding allocations are exhausted. Applications will be assessed monthly.

Application form for training activities (DOC 335KB)

Application form for education activities (DOC 332KB)

Application form for community activities (DOC 332KB)

Revised guidelines for training, education and community activities (DOC 342KB)

For further information, contact the grant managers:

  • training and communities - Kyra Roach (02) 6870 8626
  • education activities - Kaye Gottschutzke (03) 5021 9409.

Managing priority weed threats in the Western region

Projects can no longer be submitted. Following a two month process, Western Local Land Services were able to approve five applications, all of which seek to improve and sustain the condition of natural resources in the Western region by implementing control measures for weeds.

As a result of the five projects, it is expected 15,000 hectares of area will be treated for Mesquite and Boxthorn.

For more information, contact Senior Land Services Officer, Brian Dohnt on (02) 6836 1575.

Total Grazing Pressure Projects

Projects can no longer be submitted. For more information contact Land Services Team Leader, Jennifer Azevedo (02) 6870 8622.

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