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Community groups

We encourage local people to be involved in what happens in their area and we have a community advisory group, to assist in ensuring we're providing relevant, local services.

We work closely with a wide range of community groups including primary producer groups, Aboriginal organisations, recreational anglers and other water user groups, weed management and miners groups, including:

  • Aboriginal Reference Advisory Group
  • Aint caught nuffin' Fishing Group - BourkeChildren dispose of carp
  • Australian Collaborative Rangelands Information System
  • Australian Invasive Cacti Network
  • Darling River Action Group
  • Dharriwa Elders
  • Grawin Glengarry Miners Association
  • Great Artesian Basin Committees
  • Hudson Pear Taskforce
  • Ledknapper Wild Dog Action Group
  • Lightning Ridge Miners Association
  • Louth Fishing Club
  • Macquarie Valley Weeds Advisory Committee
  • Mungindi Menindee Water Users Group
  • Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly
  • Native Vegetation Steering Committee
  • Natural Resources Advisory Committee
  • Noxious Weeds Advisory Committee
  • NSW Farmers Association
  • Nymagee NSW Farmers
  • Pastoralist Associations West Darling
  • Roadside Environment Committee
  • Western Landcare NSW Inc. Steering Committee
  • Western Lands Advisory Council