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LLS here to help

At Local Land Services, we believe that partnerships are essential to our success. We are here to work together with you and tailor the right solutions to grow a sustainable business.

We can help with:

  • advice on using the new codes of practice and other tools
  • support to access incentives for conserving native plants and animals on your property
  • timely assistance with approvals if required.

How to access the land management framework opportunities

General information

Call: 1300 795 299 and ask for a Sustainable Land Management Officer


Drop into: Your nearest Local Land Services office


Call your nearest Local Land Services office or 1300 795 299 to talk to a Local Land Services adviser.

If you know your Local Land Services adviser contact them directly.

Advice on allowable activities and options that do not require a certificate or approval.

Property visit

For assistance in discussing the options available for your property or to obtain a certificate, a Local Land Services adviser can visit your property.

They will also provide advice on the correct and most suitable land management pathway that will maximise opportunities and positive outcomes for your property.

Certificates and approvals

If required, a sustainable land management officer will work with you to draft a certificate proposal.

The certificate proposal will be submitted and, when verified, a certificate will be issued to you.

A sustainable land management officer is able to track the progress of your proposal and can estimate when you will likely receive and can start the activities as outlined in your certificate.

If you are interested in the Division 6 clearing approval pathway (where codes may not be applicable), a sustainable land management officer can provide advice on this also.

Follow up and support

After your certificate has been issued and you have commenced your activities, a Local Land Services officer can continue to provide you with any ongoing information, advice and support you require.