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Managing native vegetation on a rural property

This fact sheet provides guidance to rural landholders or people purchasing rural land in NSW who are considering managing native vegetation.

Checklist for decision making

If you are purchasing rural land and wish to clear native vegetation, please consider the following steps in your decision

  • Determine the land zoning of the property
  • Understand which agency or local government is responsible in that zoning
    Clarify whether you need to apply for a development consent with your local council
    Clarify whether any sensitive or vulnerable conservation values have been identified on the property
    Understand what vegetation clearing can be done with or without an approval from Local Land Services
  • Identify any lease arrangement or encumbrances
  • Clarify if any other approvals may be required under other legislation

What is the zoning of my land?

Navigate to Type in your land address or Lot and Deposited Plan number
Identify the land use zoning of your property. It may contain more than one land use zone.

Do I need development consent?

Speak to your local council to determine if you require development consent to clear vegetation, or for the activity or works you are considering.

What funding is available to conserve native vegetation on my property?

To find out about potential funding to manage native vegetation for conservation purposes, contact:

Does my property contain rural land?

Rural land is:

  • zoned rural (RU1, RU2, RU3, RU4, or RU6, but not RU5
    Village), or
  • deferred matter land (zones within a non-standard Local
    Environmental Plan), and
  • does not include any land within the Sydney or Newcastle metropolitan areas (non-rural areas are defined within
    Clause 5 of State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017. See

For non-rural land, you should initially contact your local council for advice regarding vegetation management. For more information on vegetation management on non-rural land go to

Can I clear regrowth?

Native vegetation that has regrown from land that was cleared between 1 January 1990, or as a result of a lawful clearing event since 1 January 1990, and the 25 August 2017 may not require permission to clear, although conditions apply.

If you are unsure, contact your nearest Local Land Services office or email for more detailed advice.

What native vegetation can I remove without an approval?

There are provisions for landholders to remove native vegetation for day-to-day land management activities associated with agriculture and other common practices in rural areas. These are referred to as ‘allowable activities’.

Note: There may be some circumstances where approval is required from council and is also an allowable activity, such as clearing for a shed. For more detailed advice refer to the 'Allowable activities for landholders' fact sheet at, drop into your nearest Local Land Services office or email

What clearing can I do with approval and what should I consider before seeking an approval?

Contact your nearest Local Land Services office or email for further advice.

Note: Management of native vegetation on small holdings (landholdings less than 10ha) may be limited. Please contact us for more information.

The remainder of this document contains advice that applies only to rural land.

Is my land mapped as sensitive or vulnerable?

The Native Vegetation Regulatory (NVR) map is a key tool in the Land Management Framework and enables landholders to identify areas of land where clearing may be limited.

Find it here and follow the link to ‘Open the NVR Map Viewer’.
Activities involving clearing of native vegetation on identified vulnerable (orange) and sensitive land (pink) are limited. Clearing of non-native vegetation may also require approval on vulnerable.

If part or all of your land is mapped as sensitive or vulnerable, please contact your nearest Local Land Services office or email for more detailed advice.

More information

To find out more about native vegetation and your options under the Land Management Framework:

  • contact Local Land Services on 1300 795 299
  • email
  • go to
  • call in to your nearest Local Land Services office and ask for an officer to advise you with land management

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