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Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and implementation for natural resource management programs enables us to assess whether the work being undertaken is effective. It allows us to demonstrate how a program is helping to achieve NSW and Australian targets for environmental improvements.

We collect, analyse and report on the evidence of progress towards meeting our goals. These are regularly evaluated to see whether our programs are:

  • meeting local people's needs
  • efficiently achieving program's goals and
  • effective in improving productivity and the condition of our natural resources.

Monitoring and evaluation is critical for:

  • evaluating our performance against performance targets 
  • adaptive management of actions, including on-ground works 
  • communicating the condition of natural resources, and 
  • demonstrating accountability for our activities to the community and to those organisations who have provided funding

New app for annual monitoring reports

If you have a project with us that involves yearly monitoring, September is the month to submit your photo and project report. This year, we're making it easier with an online form, available as a free app for iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

How do I get access? 

Landholders with Western Local Land Services projects will be emailed a link to the Monitoring Database at the beginning of September. This will replace lodging your details by email. 

Want to use the app? 

To submit your annual photo point monitoring online with the click of a button, follow these easy instructions:
  1. Search for the LLS Monitoring Database app via the App Store - or wherever you download your apps.
  2. Download the app for free to your mobile device.
  3. Select Forms / Western LLS photo point report.
  4. Follow the instructions to submit your photo report.
The app works offline, so you can take your photo in the paddock, then automatically submit the monitoring when you're connected to the internet. The database can also be accessed using your home computer, so you can still upload photos from your digital camera.

Not online?

If you don’t have access to a computer you can still post your monitoring to PO Box 342, Bourke NSW 2840.  
For more information or to update your email address please contact Isobel Colson, MERI Officer on 02 6870 8621.