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Beef cattle

NSW has Australia’s second largest number of beef cattle,  after Queensland, with about 20% of Australia’s cattle and calves.

Beef production is very adaptable to climate and occurs in  all agricultural areas in NSW. As a consequence beef production can be found in  the cold dry climate of Monaro, to the hot dry Western Plains and even the  sub-tropical Far North Coast. As a result of the vast weather variances, the  processes and advice can also vary substantially.

Climate, soil fertility and the level of  pasture improvement largely determines the breeding and range enterprises  possible in certain areas of the state.

How Local Land Services can help

Local  Land Services (LLS) will work in partnership with farmers and farming groups to  provide support, advice and best practise examples to increase productivity and  profitability.

We  work closely with organisations such as the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to provide up to date technical advice and  support. We work together with DPI to implement strategic plans such as the NSW Animal Biosecurity and  Welfare Strategic Plan 2013-2015. This plan will safeguard the economy, environment and community from  diseases and pests that affect animals as well as improve animal welfare  outcomes.

LLS livestock officers will coordinate local  producer groups and hold field days on timely and locally relevant topics  including animal husbandry, pasture management, disease management and drought  preparedness.

Training and courses

LLS  experts are pivotal in the delivery of education programs such as the PROfarm range of short  courses, including Beef care and  handling, and Stock assess. They  will coordinate local producer groups on timely and locally relevant topics  such as feeding and nutrition, husbandry and breeding and selection.

Advice and assistance

Our  LLS livestock officers and district veterinarians are here to help you. Call  1300 795 299 to get in touch with your Local Land Services region.